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Aviation Operation and Safety Consultancy

Vintage Aviation LLC is an aviation service and consulting firm, which has served the needs of the aviation community since 1982.  Vintage Aviation LLC provides expert advice and aviation consulting assistance to aviation companies, producing increased safety and value, thereby increasing client efficiency and profitability.

Vintage Aviation LLC specializes in client-oriented solutions, incorporating cost effective solutions unique to each operation while maintaining a high level of safety and quality.  Vintage Aviation LLC has guided many customers through the complicated and technical considerations critical to safe, efficient flight operations.

Are you SURE?
For over 10 years, Vintage Aviation LLC has performed operations and safety audits of companies all over the world.  Vintage Aviation LLC is a leading aviation consulting firm and has provided wide-ranging operations and safety audits as an independent and contract audit service.  Clients include major oil companies, national sports teams, international and specialty audit firms.

Audits provided by Vintage Aviation LLC have been certified to National (FAA) and international (ICAO) regulatory compliance level.  These audits include the international IATA Operations Safety Audit (IOSA) and IBAC International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations IS-BAO standards.  Additionally, experience levels at Vintage Aviation LLC have completed specialty audits such as those performed for the helicopter air tour industry Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS).  Audits have been accomplished for code-share and contractor providers of clients as well.  Gap audits have include all aspects of aviation audits including operations, flight, ground, management, maintenance and Safety Management Systems (SMS) including risk assessment/mitigation.

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